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Why Learn Robotics & Coding?

How does it works?

After signing up, you will receive Robokids Box by mail




Watch the lesson

Once a month you will receive a set of lessons that you can watch at your own time.


חוג רובוטיקה

Build & Code

Build the model or robot and program it according to the detailed instructions in the lesson.


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Mission & Play

Now you can activate the robot and make it solve missions while having fun.

Whats in the Box?

The kit contains all the parts needed to complete the models in training classes and much more…

Blocks & Gears


Blocks and axes are the building blocks of robots. The robots you build consist of a variety of blocks, sizes, colors and shapes.

Sensors & CPU


At the heart of every robot built is the computer controller that controls all robot components. It is accompanied by sensors that allow the robot to navigate its environment and include an infrared sensor, a touch sensor and a sound sensor.

To control the robot remotely, the remote control is used.

Motors & Wheels


Each robot has a different wheel system, from small wheels to a basic robot, through large wheels to more complex robots, and to crawl tracks for robots with a tank-like base. The wheels will be joined by engines and a servo motor to create traffic.



Some Lessons will include various accessory files that you can print on a home printer, such as a van, scrolling numbers, stickers for decorations, a task pad and more …

In Addition:


New Online Lessons each month


Robokids software for programming your robots

Among the Added values

Experiential learning

While having fun and Excitment, Kids learn many complex topics, such as physics, math, logic and more…

Encouraging thinking

Tackling tasks encourages problem solving and encourages thinking

Increase self-confidence

Being able to meet challenges, plan, build and develop, helps build a child's self-confidence and self-esteem

Fine motor skills

Building robots helps developing the child's fine motor skills


Robokids Adventures

The Highlight are the online lessons accompany your Robokids box.
Instead of regular lessons, we have created a whole engaging world for you to experience
And adventure along with our fascinating characters – which you will get to know during the lessons.

The animated series “Robokids Adventures” will take you on a journey that will begin with a training process that you will undergo at Robokids Labs  – located somewhere on Earth. During the training you will learn about all the components that make up the robot, from the building blocks, through the computer controller and the sensors. Build robots and learn how to program them. At the end of the training, you will earn the title “RoboKids Engineer” and will officially become full members of the RoboKids team.

appCourseCircle RobokidsSpace
appCourseCircle RobokidsTresure

Now you will be sent on a world-wide adventure in search of a top secret treasure. Here you will already make use of the robotics skills you have learned, to solve mysteries and overcome obstacles on the way to the treasure.


We will leave the third part of the trilogy in your imagination at the moment.

Let’s just say it’s going to surprise you!

Meet the Characters

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Professor Jobs

Our greatest robots inventor. You will be amazed by his inspirational inventions and learn that  what can go wrong will probably go wrong …

But hey – We learn from mistakes!


Just as his name suggests – a bit of a robot and a little boy. The Lovely Humanoid Robot – the work of Professor Jobs, will walk you through the journey with helpful insights and advice. His big dream is to be a real boy

(So don’t remind him he’s a robot …).

Floppy the dog

Yet another Professor Job’s creation. Does he know how to do other things besides barking?

It turns out yes – some are things that are better keep silent about…

Your Instructor

Get to know your instructor who will walk you through the training and teach you everything you need to know about robotics.

Who is he? what’s his name? We may find out later …

Is Robokids Online is right for me?

Age 6 and above

Our lessons are suitable for children from the age of 6 (first grade) accompanied by an adult - at least in the first stages

For Boys & Girls

Our lessons appeals to both genders, boys and girls!

No experience needed

We will take you hand by hand, and teach you step by step. No prior knowledge is needed.

At your own pace

Each month you will be given new lessons. The lessons will be available to you at all times so you can access them on your own time at the pace that suits you.

Whats required?

מבצע לחופש הגדול! קבלו 20% (!) הנחה ומשלוח חינם!

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