Online Robotic Adventures

Your kids deserve more

With Robokids Online you

Why Learn
Robotics and Coding?

  • Children with STEM skills will do much better in the future world
  • Develops children's thinking and ingenuity
  • Computer science graduates are the biggest earners today

Robokids Box

The most fun way to learn robotics
  • Every month you will receive a new Robokids box in the mail!
  • Each box will consist of various parts:
    computer controller, sensors, building blocks,
    motors, wheels and much more ...
  • Each month you will be offered online lessons that
    will teach you new topics through the construction and
    programming of different models.
  • No, it's not boring school-style lessons.
    Online lessons are a fascinating, entertaining and humorous
    animation series (Robokids Adventures).
  • The pieces you receive with each box will accumulate
    into a large, sophisticated robotic kit with which you can
    plan, build and program countless robots.

Suitable for
boys and girls

Suitable for both boys and girls ages 7 and above.

Support and guidance

Got stuck? Need Help?
You can contact us at any stage and get help and guidance.

Experiential learning

No more boring technical lessons.

In the comfort
of your home

Quality time in the comfort of the house

Robotic Kits

A variety of kits for a variety of ages
  • With each kit you can build a large number of models.
  • Kits contain building instructions.
  • various difficulty levels - begin with simple models
    And progress to more complex models.
  • Excellent quality time with your child.
  • Suitable for ages 6 and above.